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Creative Vado HD Camcorder

      I think of this very small and inexpensive video camera as a dedicated tennis training aid.  It's the best solution that I've found for videotaping my tennis matches for learning purposes.  The problem with a normal video camera is that you often need someone to do the videotaping for you - mostly to prevent someone from walking off with it.  This camera because of its wide angle lens you can place this right on the court with you.  The camera being flat is very useful because it sets up well against whatever the tennis court backdrop might be.  I hang on fences, netting on indoor courts and even duct tape it to walls.  The key to getting good video of tennis matches is to place the camera high so that it gets a good angle down into the court so that you can see the lines well.
Creative Vado HD Camcorder
back and front views
      Since the camera is often placed about 10 feet above the court it very hard to set it up well so that the camera viewing angle gets a shot of the court.  When you can't see what the camera sees video taping becomes a hit and miss type of exercise. 
     It's an all digital camera with a USB connector built into the camera so transferring the video to your computer is as easy as it gets.  The memory built into the camera is just big enough to video tape a 2 hour USTA tennis league match.
     One of the best features of the camera is its price.  It is so inexpensive that I can leave it in my tennis bag and have it always ready to go just incase I decide to video tape the tennis match.  I'm not going to have to worry about it getting stolen like I would with a more expensive camera.
protective cover on the Vado video camcorder
comes with a very good
protective case
Vado HD in a USTA bag
A video showing the Vado HD on a tennis court.  Gives you an idea of how well the wide angle lens works. I use this USTA bag to hold the camera when I hang it on a fence.
tennis balls
Hiker First Aid Kit

When you have a large tennis bag this is the type of item that you might want to always carry.

Are you going to use it often?  Let's hope not!  When you do need it; it is really nice to have.  Since I don't know much about first aid, if something big happened I would have to hope that someone nearby would be able to figure out what to do.  It might be a little bit over kill for my needs on a tennis court, but I have used it a few times for some basic problems.

I have used the band-aids for some minor cuts and pills for head-aches and muscle soreness.  The most important aid the kit has given so far was when I started to develope a bad blister on my foot during a tennis tournament.  I need to treat the problem before it could get worst because I had a really important USTA league match later in the day that I needed to be ready for.
First Aid Kit 
First Aid Kit opened
Tourna Grip tennis racket overgrip
Atomic Digital Clock to time tennis matches
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