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Rick's Picks for Tennis Accessories

Thera-Band Flexbar Hand Exerciser

There is a study done by a NY physical therapist showing that this device was very effective in treating tennis elbow.  I've seen a number of tennis players commenting online how the Flexbar helped their tennis elbow recover much quicker.  I had tennis elbow so I order two so I could give it a try.  My mistake was that I ordered a cheaper product: the Cando Flexible Hand Bar.  I order the top two bars, but both bars were too stiff to be used for tennis elbow physiotherapy.
Thera-Band Flexbar
Since the online reviews were so good I decided to try again and order the real deal: the Flexbar from Thera-Band.  Online the middle stiffness bar was the one recommended so that's the one I ordered.  The picture shows me twisting the bar to exercise the arm muscles.  By the time I recieve this product my tennis elbow was gone, but I can report that the green bar is very close to the right amount of stiffness needed.  Without tennis elbow I could use slightly more resistance, but it just might be the right level for when you have tennis elbow. Thera-Band Flexbar
A video showing the exercise used to treat tennis elbow. Physical therapy exercise designed to treat Golfers Elbow.
tennis balls
Tourna Grip

I love this overgrip.  Partly because I can buy them for only about $1/grip and partly because I like the feel.

I've broken too many expensive rackets while serving and having the rackets fly out of my sweaty hand only to smash into the tennis court breaking the frame.  It hasn't happened since I switched from using leather grips to this paper grip tape.  The Tourna Grip does a good job absorbing the sweat from my hands.  The grips get dirty quickly so to save money I use both sides of the grip.  I always try to use a fresh grip before an important match because of the postive psychological effect of a nice new clean grip.
Unique Tourna Grip
Tourna Grip tennis racket overgrip
La Crosse Technology WT-8005U-B Atomic Digital Wall Clock

The clocks at most tennis clubs always have the wrong time if you can even find one.  I've lost too many tennis matches from not knowing the correct time, this atomic clock with a very large display is my solution.

I could use a watch, but I wanted a clock that everyone could see and the atomic time updating feature means that its always going to have the most accurate time.  It has an alarm and I was hoping to use it to stop match play, but the sound isn't loud enough.

It's a large item to have to carry around in my tennis bag, but I only use it for USTA matches.  It does help me track the time on close matches; which I seem to have more often than not.
Atomic Digital Clock with large display 
Size: 9x7x1 inches
Atomic Digital Clock to time tennis matches
Chuckit! Ball Launcher

This product (designed for dog owners) helps you throw tennis balls a lot farther than you can with just your arm, but I use it to practice my serve.  It's one of the best tools that I've come across to practice the service motion. 

One of the things that I do wrong when I serve is to try and hit the tennis ball down into the court.  When you use this tool you learn that to get the maxmium distance you have to try and release the ball upwards into the sky at about the same location and motion that a good serve requires.  It also allows you to practice dropping the launcher down behind your back, and then uncoiling just like in the service motion.  I first learned to use this in a tennis class and I was really surprised how well this really works for practicing your serve!
Chuckit tennis ball launcher
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