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The US Open Series is a collection of major men and women tournaments in North America that are played in the six-weeks leading up to the US Open.  The idea is by marketing the tournaments together it would increase tennis fan interest.  The way the tournaments are connected is that players earn special US Open Series Points based on their results in these tournaments.  The male and female player with the highest point totals get their prize money doubled at the US Open.

2010 Calendar


Men's Event

Women's Event

# 1  July

  Atlanta Tennis Championships
  Atlanta, GA

# 2  July

  LA Tennis Open
  Los Angeles, CA

  Bank of the West Classic
  Stanford, CA

# 3  Aug

  Legg Mason Tennis Classic
  Washington, D.C.

  Southern California Open
(aka: San Diego Open)  
San Diego, CA

# 4  Aug

  Rogers Cup
  Toronto, Canada

  LA Women's Tennis Champs
  Los Angles, CA

# 5  Aug

  Western  & Southern Financial Group Masters
  Cincinnati, OH

  Rogers Cup
  Montreal, Canada 

# 6  Aug

  Pilot Pen Tennis
  New Haven, CT

August 30, 2010

US Open
New York, NY, USA



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